Reno Satellite Uplink Truck

KU Band DVBS-S2 SD/HD QPSK through 32 APSK

Our mobile 32ft. Frontline KU Band satellite and video production truck allows you to broadcast uplink signals from the west half of the country to any location. Our Reno uplink satellite truck can also act as a receiver for downlink signals. It is a complete mobile production facility with comprehensive telecommunication abilities and a rock solid transmission foundation. Many different configurations and uplink/downlink frequency bands are available to suit your needs. Please call and inquire with Jim Parker at 1-775-329-1515.

Reno Video satellite and production truck outside the events center

We use a DTV Innovations Gryphon PVE-3 (IDC Titan 3) DVB-S2 HD encoder for best in class MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 compression with QPSK, 8PSK, 16QAM, 16APSK, 32 APSK schemes. It features a low video latency of 150ms and both AC-3 and uncompressed audio pass through its 16 audio channels. Our satellite truck equipment meets the demands of news and sports satellite broadcasts and is fully FCC compliant.

Gryphon PVE-3 and PVE-2 Encoders for video uplinks in our satellite truck

The truck is also equipped with SDI (standard definition) Mpeg2 and DVB-S encoding and modulation capabilities to suit clients not requiring High Definition. Please look through the equipment list below to see our different configurations and possibilities.

Monitoring events from the Reno Video satellite and production truck

Physical Frontline Truck
External power In- 200-240v, 2- 120v phases w/gnd
Onboard power regulation (100amp)
150' 3-pole Cam-lock power cable
Onan Cummings Generator
HWC Hydraulic Jack System
100g Diesel fuel capacity
Satellite Transmission
DTV Innovations Gryphon PVE-3 DVB-S2 HD Video Encoder (IDC Titan 3)
DTV Innovations Gryphon PVE-2 DVB-S2 HD Video Encoder (IDC Titan 2)
2 LNR Ku-Band Upconverters
MCL VPC Waveguide switcher/combiner Assembly
2 MCL TWTA 350watt Klystron Waveguide Amplifiers
Reflected by an Andrew 2.4meter steerable Dish
Satellite Reception
2 Harmonic Proview 7000 HD IRDs with 2 1Gbe output ports per unit for webcasting
Falcon HMR5442 Integrated receiver/decoder (IRD) with full HD 1080p 60 decoding, 8 audio channels, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 support, and 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 Chroma
Internal/ External Communication
Clear Com Matrix Plus II including:
Matrix w/ 2 Telephone interfaces and 2 4-Wire interfaces
1 ICS- EIC Base station
6 ICS-92 remote stations
1 Clear Com base station for external 'Heads'
Telephone Patch Bay with Motorola MotoZ bluetooth cell phone system and 6 Hard Wire phone lines
2 Innkeeper Telephone Hybrids for 'On Air-Over the Phone' live conversations
Studio Technologies IFB Plus 2 with optional wireless Telex IFB
Video Production
1 GVG LDK 8000 Elite HD Triax system
2 GVG LDK 4000 Elite HD Triax systems
360 Maxx-1200HD 3 channel server with slow-mo playback
6 SONY D-50ws SDI Cameras with studio configuration packages
6 SONY CCU D-50 camera control units with 4 paint boxes
Sachtler, Vinten and Miller Tripods
Various wide angle and zoom lenses available, please inquire for your needs
ARRI and KinoFlow lighting packages
Ross Synergy 100 16 Input SDI Digital Video Switcher
Sigma Dagger Series DQM 1616 Digital Video/Analog Audio Router with 3 routing panels
Extensive Video Routing, monitoring and distribution
AJA Kumo HD Router 16x16
Panasonic HVS300g HD switcher
Several Marshall HD monitors
Denon Bluray Player
Leader LV-5150D 720p/1080i HD Digital Waveform Monitor
Video Conversion, Audio Embedding/ De-Embedding
AJA FS2 Dual channel Audio/Video Converter
2 AJA FS1 Audio/Video Converters
Video Recording / Editing and Character Generation
1 AJA KiPro Digital recorder
2 Mac G-5's with Final Cut Pro 7 (1 Mac with Kona HD Card and 1 Mac with AJA SDI I/O)
SONY 1500A DVCam Deck
Chyron Duet character generator with Lyric software
Chyron Channel box 2
Soundcraft Live-8, 24 channel, 8 bus, 8 Aux analog audio console
APHEX Compellor Exciter/Compressor for master processing
Sennheiser wireless Lav's and shotgun microphones as well as 'stick' mics
Extensive audio routing, monitoring and distribution
Polk Audio and JBL speakers for audio monitoring
Grip gear and Field Audio packages
Additional / Misc
HD Cameras Packages
HD Fly Package

Equipment in our Reno Video satellite and production truck


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